How to Make a Website Like OYO Rooms? [Fast]

How to Make a Website Like OYO Rooms

OYO Rooms is an Indian website that serves as a platform for travelers to search, explore, and make reservations at various hotels, guesthouses, property rentals, and other lodging options. On the website, you can also explore offers and discounts, manage your bookings, view property details, and search for your desired place in over 230 cities in India and 35 countries, by entering your destination, travel dates, and other preferences.

Excited about how to create a website like Well, in this article, we have described the complete process here using only WordPress. We have also shared some hosting companies, WP themes, and plugins for that.

Difficulty: Uncomplicated.

Cost: Creating a website like OYO Rooms using WordPress is more budget-friendly than actually hiring a web developer to create it from scratch, it will only cost you approx $105, which covers the domain name, hosting, and a similar WP theme to


Building a website like using WordPress enables you to create a strong online platform where people can easily search for and book hotels or properties, so here are the steps to do so:

  1. Choose the perfect Hosting and Domain
  2. Install WordPress the easy way
  3. Select the right WordPress Theme
  4. Install the Demo
  5. Create property listings
  6. Set up payment gateways
  7. Launch your website

How to make a website like OYORooms

The key to creating a website like OYO Rooms is using WordPress (a content management software) that allows you to add content to your website (available rooms and guesthouses which users can search for and book in this case), and choosing a similar site theme to OYO Rooms. So, let’s guide you step by step to do so.

1. Choose the perfect Hosting and Domain

The perfect hosting to start with according to web experts is Bluehost, it’s cheap, fast, 99.9% uptime, beginner-friendly, and offers great support.

To get started:

  • Go to Bluehost shared hosting
  • Click “Get started”
  • Choose the basic plan ($2.95/mo*)
  • Enter your desired domain name (search for availability)
  • Enter your account information and payment details below
  • Uncheck any extra packages
  • Click “Submit”

Congrats, now you have your hosting.

2. Install WordPress the easy way

Bluehost offers a one-click WP installation:

  • Simply log in to your Bluehost
  • On your dashboard, click the Hosting tab from the left sidebar
  • Click “Add Site”
  • Select “Install WordPress” and click “Continue”
  • Enter your site’s title
  • Enter the domain name in question and click “Continue”

Now, it will start installing WordPress, when done, click “Log into WordPress” to access your dashboard.

3. Select the right WordPress Theme

To make your site look like OYORooms, you should install the right WP theme on your site. The theme will not only create a similar appearance for your site but also add the same functionalities to it so that it works like

Our suggestion is Travel Booking, the top-selling traveling and booking theme on Themeforest. The theme helps you save time and money to make online booking travel. No coding is required.

Over 400 features to control everything on your site, customizable booking forms, flexible online payments, friendly layout to add properties, tours, and hotels. Possibility to sync with Google, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, and Vrbo Calendars. Search and filter features.. etc.

After you have purchased and downloaded the theme:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard → Appearance → Themes → Add New
  • Click “Upload the Theme” and choose your file
  • Click “Install”

4. Install the Demo

These are some of Travel Booking’s demos (pre-built website structures) that you can import in a few clicks:

Demos are highly subjective, so you have to go with what looks good to you and works best for what you intend to do.

To install a demo, simply:

  • Head to “Theme Settings” → “Quick Install Demo”
  • Choose your demo
  • Click “Install”

5. Create property listings

How to add some accommodation rentals or properties?


  1. Go to “Rental” (under your WP dashboard) → “Add Rental”
  2. Add your rental’s title and description
  3. Select Amenities and Suitability
  4. Set the featured image
  5. Enter your rental’s location and address
  6. Select the booking option (Instant/Enquire)
  7. Select Max Adults & Children, No of beds.. baths.. etc
  8. Add rental images to show to customers
  9. Add contact information
  10. Add rental price and availability
  11. Set up some additional rental options
  12. And finally, choose the payment methods

6. Set up payment gateways

You can set up PayPal, Stripe, Traveler Invoice, 2Checkout, Authorize, WooCommerce, and many more others.

To install each one, go to “Theme Settings” → “Extensions”, browse and install any payment gateways that you want.

On the “Theme Settings” → “Payment Options”, fill in all the necessary information about each payment gateway. They have full documentation on how to set up each one individually.

7. Launch your website

Now and before launching your new WP site, make sure that everything, including the content and design, is perfectly adjusted to provide the best experience for users. Also, test your website on different devices (desktop, mobile, tablet..) and web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari..) to ensure that it works smoothly without any glitches or technical issues.


Creating a site like may seem difficult in the first place, but it’s not actually (even if you are a beginner), especially when using WordPress. If you follow our guide step by step, you’ll be able to have your site ready in a few days of work only.

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